Rock climbing in Mongolia

3 climbing spots are equipped for climbers:

1. Dungobi province : (click for details)

Ikh Gazaarin Chuluu – Old granite formations in the Gobi desert

2. Khogno Khan :

At the shore of Elsin Taslarkhai sand dunes, on the way to Karkhorin, at 320 km from UB, in the worshipped Khogno Khan mountain range.
Sand and rocks landscape in the middle of a green oasis.

3. Terelj national park:

At 55 km from UB, at the door of the taiga ecosystem, the spot located at Buuveit camp offers a unique landscape with erratic rocks and Siberian forest.
Three different places to practice rock climbing during your journey in Mongolia, exploring nomadic life and unique sceneries.
Wind of Mongolia & Ger to Ger offer different options around the rock climbing activity.
To know the possibilities, please contact theses agencies, to rent equipment or obtain more information about rock climbing.

Possibility to climb alone, but we recommend contacting these agencies and book for a guide, especially for beginners.


Dundgobi - Rock climbing in the Gobi Desert

Sport recently implemented in Mongolia by Wind of Mongolia in partnership with the local NGO Ger to Ger and the National Special Rescue Unit. Rock climbing is a new way to explore the country.

Three sites have been opened, offering the same kind of climbing on old granite, but in three different landscapes.
The ways are from 7 to 50 meters long, with technical levels from 4 to 6, with cracks, chips, and overhangs.
Various itineraries, to have fun, all accessible from the top.

In our travels, rock climbing is just another way to discover Mongolia, the nomadic way of life, the culture.
Climbing up to theses rocks will offer you much more than the pleasure of the sport: a unique panorama of amazing landscapes of the Gobi desert or the endless steppe…

8 days in the Gobi desert
Combination rock climbing / exploring nomadic life by traveling with the mongolian NGO Ger to Ger (See part Travel Smart)

Day1 : Ulaanbaatar – Ikh Gazariin Chuluu ger 1
6 hours from Ulaanbaatar, you will reach Mandalgobi, capital of the Dundgobi province.
There the project coordinator of Ger to Ger will welcome you and lead you to the first ger of the route, 2 hours away.

Day2 – 4 : Ger to Ger  route: the noble rock fortress

The nomads themselves will take you in charge: At least one of them will travel with you from his settlement to the next one, with horses, ox cart or camels. He will be your guide and show you interesting spots along the way …
5 days and 4 nights in a new universe, to live with nomads, taste their food, play games with children, exploring the Gobi desert…

At the end of the route, your driver will wait for you to take you back to the ger camp, your starting point for climbing.

Day5 -7 : Transfer to the ger camp, at the foot of rock formations.
3 days of free rock climbing on the first site of Mongolia, created in 2007. Breakfast, dinner and nights in the ger camp.
Logistic: translator, technical guide (mongolian)

Day8 : Ikh Gazariin Chuluu – Ulaanbaatar
Long day back to Ulaanbaatar


Optional: Day ticket for rock climbing, including:
Technical guide, gears, transfer UB – site – UB, night in a ger




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