Mongolia, last place on earth with immensity as a gift for people and animals, nomadic country where the Horse is the King of the steppe Chinggis khan used to say:  “It is much easier to conquer the World with your horse but ruling the country is not that easy

Khentii: Region
7 Days of riding to the black Lake of Khagiin, in the Khentii mountains.

Meaning "Lédon", a plant very common in this region, blooming in spring, Terelj is located in the Gorkhi-terelj national park, at 80km from the capital.
The park, located at edge of the Khaan Khentii Park, created in 1994, includes a big part of the Khentii mounts.
The region of Terelj is an alpine solid massif where many summits reach 2700m. With a lot of forested areas, Terelj is also a sanctuary for wild fauna.
Terelj is composed with steppes, mountains, valleys and astonishing rock formations.

Day1 : Ulaanbaatar - Terelj
Day2 : Preparation of horses and start for the 6 days horse riding trip and start for the first day along Tuul and Khagiin rivers. 25 km.
Day3 : 25 km to reach the junction between the Tuul and Khagiin rivers
Day4 : 4th day: you reach the lake:
Day5 : Khuluukhin pass, then the Tuul Valley. 30 km
Day6 : Dichingiin pass , at  2 000m high, to go down near the Tuul river.
Day7 : Way back to Tsodoo’s ger. You will come back to Ulaanbaatar at evening. .


Possibility to do the trip in 8 days, with one day rest at the lake to walk around, and to enjoy the scenery.


"Wind of Mongolia " use GLOBALSTAR for satellite phone communications and their security