Mongolia, last place on earth with immensity as a gift for people and animals, nomadic country where the Horse is the King of the steppe Chinggis khan used to say:  “It is much easier to conquer the World with your horse but ruling the country is not that easy

Khangaï regions, nomadic life experience, for good riders, with logistic on horses

This trip is for good riders, used to go for a long trip on horses, with hills, rivers to cross, open spaces to gallop…
The nomads will take you off road, far away from your world, and will welcome you in their homeland, their gers, their lives, where human being depends on horses…

Distances are from 25 to 35 km per day.

Day1 : Ulaanbaatar.
Day2 : Ulaanbaatar – Ogii lake
Day3 : Ogii Lake - Tsetserleg – Khar us, in the heart of Arkhangaï province.
Day4-10: horse riding trip in Arkhangaï province
Day11 : Karakorum (ancient capital of the Mongolian Great Empire) – Small gobi.
Day12 : Small gobi - Ulaanbaatar
Day13 : Ulaanbaatar
Day14 : International flight.




"Wind of Mongolia " use GLOBALSTAR for satellite phone communications and their security