Journey to the golden eagle kingdom

12 days travel in Mongolia
Kazakh people live in the western part of Mongolia, in the Altaï mountain range.
All their life turns around eagles;
Hunting with eagles request a precise logistic and organization: falconer with his eagle, some helpers who takes care of horses and pick up the prey, horse guides, translator…
Eagles hunt all kinds of animals like hare, fox, wolf, antelope, depending on the time of the year and the location.
You will live with Kazakhs hunters for 6 days. You will go on horse back with them to experience hunting with eagles.
Kazakh horses are obedient, but at the same time they are kept as wild as possible. You will find a horse that fits you: they can be calm or with more power! The important point is to listen to your guide’s advices to avoid problems and keep a good relationship between the rider and its horse.

Day1 : Ulaanbaatar.
Day2 : Ulaanbaatar –Ulgii
Domestic flight to Bayan Ulgii province.
Day 3 & 4: eagle festival
With your local guides, you will spend 2 days at the biggest meeting of Kazakh falconers. Each rider shows his eagle, standing proudly on his fist, and tournaments all the day will allow them to show their skills and good training.
Day5: transportation to your base camp
Day6, 7 & 8 : After a first day of riding to get used to local horses, you will leave for the day, with hunters, helpers and guides, looking for preys.
You will be on the spot for the next 3 days, experimenting the hunt with these birds of prey, and also exploring Kazakh culture.
Day9: head back to Ulgii
Day10: Ulgii – Ulaanbaatar
Day11 Ulaanbaatar
Day12 : International flight.


"Wind of Mongolia " use GLOBALSTAR for satellite phone communications and their security