4 days camel riding ; discovering of fauna, flora, traditions and way of life of nomadic people from the Gobi desert and Khangaï provinces

A journey in the heart of the mongolian Gobi desert. When we mention Gobi, we of course think of the camel, symbol of these infinite spaces. It is the main source of living for the nomadic herders living in these regions: for riding, trade, transportation, its meat and wool also.
Mongolians know many tales and songs about the Bactrian camel. If we listen carefully the wind blowing in the dunes, we would hear the baby camel crying, searching for its mother. Each dune hides its mother from him, and each shadow becomes its mother… These endless spaces are its World; the arid soil is its Motherland…
People from the Gobi desert keep a secret: they know how to make the mother camel cry, when she denies its babies, by playing music on the traditional horse headed fiddle or by singing. After hearing these melodies, the tears of the mother means that she is accepting the baby back… his is famous tale of the weeping camel.

Day1 : International flight to Ulaanbaatar
Day2 : Ulaanbaatar
Day3 : Ulaanbaatar – Baga gazarin chuluu
Day4 : Baga gazarin chulu – Ongii monastery
Day5 : Ongii – Bayanzag (red cliffs)
Day6 : Bayanzag – Khoolt – gylaan canyon
Day7 : Gylaan - zoolon
Day8 : Zoolon –sand dunes of Khongor
Day9 : Sand dunes of Khongor
Day10 : Sand dunes of Khongor – Arts Bogd worshipped mountains
Day11 : Arts Bogd – Baga Bogd mountains
Day12 : Baga bogd – Arvaikheer –Sanghin dalai Lake
Day13 : Sanghin dalai Lake – Karakorum  (ancient capital of the Great Mongolian Empire)
Day14 : Karakorum – Khustain Nuruu Park (Wild horses)
Day15 : Khustain Nuruu Park – Ulaanbaatar
Day16 International flight



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