Travel through History; explore specificities of Mongolian Buddhism

Let’s go deep into the heart of Asian steppes, in company of a young lama who will lead you to discover Mongolian Buddhism. How did it appear, what’s its evolution, how is a lama’s daily life nowadays…
Moogii will be your guide along your journey, and will explain to you his dedication to Buddhism in a country with so recent a fast changes, socially, economically and politically.
Many religious places have been destroyed under the communism, during the purges of the 30’s against intellectuals, and religious institutions. But since the beginning of the 90’s there is a resurgence of Buddhism, which has never been totally eradicated. More than 80% of Mongolians describe themselves as Buddhists, temples and monasteries rebuilt are daily visited.
You will meet, along your route, lamas practicing traditional medicine, painters, scientists, young people and elders who will give you a unique testimony of their life.
This journey brings you also to the heart of the nomadic life, sharing some times with herders. Old believes and Buddhism are mixed for years now to fit better with the way of life of these people from the endless spaces, where Life and Natural elements are so strongly linked, more than any other spiritual conviction…

A journey to meet other culture, other believes…

Day1 : Ulaanbaatar.
Day2 : Ulaanbaatar
Day3 : Ulaanbaatar – Manshir – Eejiin Khaad – Öndör Döv
Day4 : Öndör Döv – Zorgol Khaïrkhan – de Sangiin Dalai Lake
Day5 : Sangiin Dalai Lake– Ongii Khiid
Day6 : Ongii Khiid– canyons of Oosh –8 lakes park
Day7 : 8 lakes park
Day8 : 8 lakes park –Orkhon valley –Tövkhön monastery – Tsenkher Hot springs
Day9 : Tsenkher hot springs–Tsetserleg – Battsengel –Ogii Lake
Day10 : Ogii Lake–Kul-Tegin Turkish monuments–Khar Balgas fortress– Kharkhorin
Day11 : Kharkhorin –Shankh monastery– Sand dunes of the small Gobi
Day12 : Small Gobi – Khogno Khan –Khustain Nuruu national park– Ulaanbaatar
Day13 : Ulaanbaatar
Day14 : Ulaanbaatar
Day15 : International flight




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